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Kiev Airport Ukraine

Kiev Airport Terminal A  

There are no direct flight from UK to Lviv, therefore if you are traveling to Lviv, you need to travel through Kiev. The flight duration from London to Kiev is very short, less than 3 hours. Although Kiev has a new international terminal but immigration check out time is extremely slow. Things have little changed. So be prepared to stand more than 1 or 2 hours waiting for immigration officer stamp your passport.
Kiev Airport
The domestic and international terminal at Kiev airport are very short distance from each other. You can actually walk straight to domestic terminal from international terminal
Kiev Airport
The domestic terminal at Kiev is much crowded than international one. There is one ATM desk at the terminal. And domestic flights are mercy on the hands of flight operator. Flights may get very late, but it seems to be very normal for domestic flight operator. But one thing for sure the Ukrainian people enjoy flight much, huge clapping occurs during take off and landing of aircraft.

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