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Clients Feedback

:)Marjolein From Holland

Hi Maggie,

Just wanted to say thank you for all your assistance in your city...My first trip experience in china turn out to be way better than I expected, also thanks to you and my own sourcing capability:)...I would contact you when I come back next time to China...which will be sooner than later!

Wish you and your family a warm and pleasurable new year and many more to come...

Best regards

Sunny Sarna from Cananda


Hi Maggie,

We are back home in the USA now. Our trip to Thailand was lovely, and we also enjoyed spending some time in Hong Kong.

Thank you again for being such a friendly, knowledgeable, and helpful tour guide to us in Shanghai. We really enjoyed the time we spent with you, and would be very pleased to recommend you to other clients.

Hope everything is well with you. Best of wishes for the holiday season.

Debra Cohen from US


Hi Maggie,
Thanx for your help! We also liked the week together with you. When we leave i had a hard time. You stay there and we leave.....

It is 15.30 here and really nice weather so i go out of my office now and spent some time with my kids. They just missed me for a week.

best regards

Marjolein from Netherland

:)Steven Miles from US

Just wanted to drop you a message to tell you how much I enjoyed my trip and SHanghao experieince, you made the difference in my trip. I would do it again and have you as my guide anythime, so if you ever need a reference feel free to use my name and email address as a personal reference, I will be glad to tell them how great of a guide you will be for their trip.
I am enclosing a couple pictures of you and us together. Thanks again and stay in touch.
Best of luck,
:)Nathan & Gemma From England

Hello Maggie
I would like to thank you again for all your help and I look forward to working with you in the future.
Perhaps you can look into making up 50 business cards for yourself, maybe your position within Powerfab can be Export Assistant. Let me know the cost. I will then make payment by western union. I have attached an image for the logo.

Let me know your details so I can add you.
It was great to meet someone like yourself.
All the best
Nathan & Gemma

:)Inna From Newyork

Dear Maggie,

Inna enjoyed her visit to Shanghai and Suzhou very much! Inna liked Shanghai a lot - it is the place in China which she could see herself living in! You were as much friend as tour guide and she really appreciated your flexibility and willingness to show her your city. She certainly appreciated your company as a dear friend. Thank you for taking care of her so well while she was in Shanghai and Suzhou!

Best regards,
Eli Liang
:)Papik From Roma

Thank you so much for your friendly and affectionate help while in Shanghai.
I love China so much, I want to come back !!!!!!!!!! And I want to thank again

I hope you are all well and without problems. Please stay in touch with me
and send me news and pictures.

My best wishes for the New Year, with love, papik

:)Beata from Polland

Hello Maggie,
This is my email adress
I want to thank You for all You did for us. It was very nice to meet You. I
hope we will be in touch.
I wish You Happy New Year - full of nice surprises and only good news:)

:)Cathy and Jeff from US

Dear Maggie
How wonderful to hear from you! You are right, time does fly. I am glad to hear you and your family are doing well. We are also busy and doing fine. I have news with my job as I am going to live in Argentina in March for 2 years to be responsible for Human Resources in South America. I am very excited and nervous too. Spending time with you in Shanghai really made our time special and we have so many great memories. I really hope to see you sometime soon again. I would love to come back to Shanghai! Take care and keep in touch. Happy New Year and best wishes,

*************************************************************************************Frank Smith from US


You did a wonderful job at Aquatech and
Charlatte wanted me to also thank you again for all
your help. I had a great time in shanghai !

Sorry for being short with the note but I am sending
from cell phone.
Sincerely Frank


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